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What is Copywriting?

The Essential

Copywriting plays a role so big in all the marketing materials that in fact, nothing would ever get sold if there were no copywriters.

But do you know what exactly is Copywriting?

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Know Yourself: What are you selling?

Seriously… WHAT?

It’s a pretty elusive question. So you think you know what you are selling. But… Think again.

The number of copywriters is only going to increase (you included), but this could be one of the reasons why you can SELL better than the rest.

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Know Your Enemy: Audience Awareness

Attaaaaaack… Wait… WHAT?

The pirates do not attack without first knowing who they are attacking. They pick somebody of their own size (hint: not Navy ship).

And all the famous copywriters (dead or alive) will tell you to do the same. Know your enemy (audience).

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Marketing vs Sales

Which is more important?

Marketing, Sales, and Copywriting. What are they, and how do they relate?

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Stuck at the start? Use this formula!

Start writing like a PRO

Do you ever wish that there was an easy way to start writing every piece of content? Well, there’s actually plenty out there, but let me teach you ONE formula that is Legen-Wait For It… DARY!

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