The process of selling is a delicate art of persuasion.

And so is copywriting.

As a copywriter, I write to get people to take action.

And prior to someone taking action, they want reasons.

Action equals change.

And when confronted with change, most people tune in to their favorite radio station – the WII.FM.

What’s in it for me?

I am not suggesting that we are all selfish, but yes we are, to a certain degree.

What will happen if I buy this product?

Is this gonna make me more money?

Is this gonna help me lose weight?

Is this solution easy to apply?

We think for ourselves whenever we are making a decision.

But one very important thing that most product creator of manufacturer often forget is this: You need to win the first battle.

Amidst all the information that is floating around…

Tens or hundreds of emails landing into their inbox…

You want them to open your emails?

Read your blogs?

Attend your webinars?

Then you need to win their Attention.

So how do I capture attention and trigger interest?

Targeted reward!

Imagine Captain Jack and his crews, sailing on the water of Caribbean for days and found nothing.

Bored without new adventure.

Then he found a treasure map just floating on the water. Do you think he is going to set sail immediately?

Hell yeah!

The map might be fake.

The island might not exist.

The treasure might have already been looted.

There is no guarantee of success, just the promise of a reward.

But that doesn’t stop him from chasing after this reward excitedly.

Because seeking treasure is what Captain Jack has been living his life for.

Fast forward to our daily situation.

You want to capture attention and trigger the interest of your subscribers, viewers, readers.

Problem is, all of us have very, very short attention timespan (no thanks to the rise of technology).

And that’s what makes the job of a copywriter very interesting.

From the headline to the body and the CTA, each and every element is crafted with only one final objective.

Get prospects to take action.

And it has to be done in a way that the prospects will be engaged and have full attention on your words.

The key?

Make it simple.

Make it very simple.

The lesser they think, the higher the chance of success you have.

And no, I am not talking about treating them like some dumb pirates!

You’ve got to promise¬†them the reward in an immediate way that removes any objections.

How to make $1,000 monthly by sending simple emails

What cross your mind when you see the headline above?

Yes, teach me how! or How is that possible?

Either way, I’ve succeeded in grabbing your attention and interest.

I’ve made you excited to learn more by opening the email and read on.

This is one of my favorite formula to capture attention and interest.

How to [achieve that] by only [doing this]

Let’s analyze the above example further.

How to make $1,000 monthly is definitely going to get someone’s attention.

However, this statement leads to so many open-ends and questions that no one will be interested enough to click it and read it. It’s just too common to see such statement floating around the internet!

By adding the short explanation by sending simple emails, you have provided clarity that this is related to sending emails. This is related to Internet Marketing. The word simple also gives a very positive vibe <link to article: power word>.

Making money via Internet Marketing is not some new discovery.

How to make $1,000 monthly sounds very achievable. The addition of sending simple emails provides further direct clarity on the method.

“Is that really possible?”

“How can I do it?”

You have given them just enough to grab their attention and trigger their curiosity.

And they are left wanting more.

Less is more.

The art of giving just enough is what makes or breaks the attention of your readers.

Give them enough benefits and values, and they will be more than likely to learn more or buy your product.

The first step is always the attention.

Everything else comes later.

There’s another variation which is equally powerful.

How to [achieve this] without [main objection]

How to drop 20-pound without doing any exercise

For Blackbeard who’s already looking to lose weight, how to drop 20-pound explains the targeted reward.

With some research, you as the copywriter found out that the biggest objection often related to losing weight is exercise.

The addition of without doing any exercise gave Blackbeard the interest that he can slim down using the method that is being pitched, without doing the one thing he hated the most, exercise!

People buy what they want, not what they need.

That is why it is so important to understand your audience and make them want it.

And our job as a Copywriter is exactly that, to figure out what people need and sells it back to them as what they want.

The How-To provides a simple way to focus on the benefit or value of your product.

Here are a few more proven ways to get maximum attention.

X simple steps to [achieve this]

3 simple changes that will get you 3x web traffic in 2 weeks

The 5-step formula to maximize your optin conversion by 218%

There you have it!

These power-packed formulas have been proven time and time again to be highly effective in capturing attention and interest in a quick and easy way.

And now, it’s your turn to put them into good use.

Find out what they want.

Identify their biggest objection.

Get their attention by writing as simple as possible using the formulas above.

Make them realize the benefits and values of your product and service.

That it will genuinely make their life better.

And you got a win-win-win situation.

(You, your customer, and me)

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