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I am not a born writer.

In fact, I did not like writing in the first place.

I sucked at storytelling.

What exactly did I go through to become the Pirate with Pen?

I was born and raised in a moderate family. Not exactly poor, but my parents made sure we never starve (thank you, mom and dad).

There’s also no college-dropout story here. I graduated from university just fine.

I started my career as a Sales Engineer, which is just a nicer term for a salesman.

Look at the shit-storm that fell upon me when I was palm-oil-mills-hopping.

My daily routine was to figure out how to sell more machinery to all the palm oil mills in Malaysia. This is the point in life where I discover the meaning of selling something to someone, and most importantly, HOW.

Zig Ziglar and Brian Tracy provided their helping hand in shaping my career and I was well on track to becoming the top salesman before “it” happened.

An opportunity.

One of a kind.

Ever heard of ship salvaging?

Not for me.

I was offered an exclusive management position in a salvaging company.

For someone like me who enjoys exploring different wonders, I couldn’t say no to this interesting offer.

It was fun in the beginning.

I managed to secure several big contracts from the government.

This huge beauty decided to just fall asleep one day. Name of the vessel not disclosed for privacy reason. Yes, that’s me piloting this drone shot.

Things were running well in the first few months.

I was busy, but at the same time, I was enjoying the excitement this new industry brings.

I am sure cutting up sunken vessels is not something you hear about daily, but that was the only thing I talked about everyday, literally.

I was like a Pirate (albeit a legal one), pillaging sunken vessels for scrap metals!

I worked like there was no tomorrow.

I missed out on gatherings, the special moments with family. All my time for work, and so little time for my family. I didn’t think anything was wrong then.

I was building a career for myself, right?

Little did I know, shit was slowly piling up.

The company ran into fund issue due to poor decision making of the CEO (if only I have the power to make real decision..)

I gave up my salary, hoping I could turn things around for the company.

Worse, I pumped in all my savings so that my workers wouldn’t starve.

I was putting the company before my family and myself.

I wanted to steer the ship towards the right direction.

But I wasn’t the helmsman with the steering.

And all I’ve got left was 3-digit in my bank.

I made a decision.

I quit.

Luckily for me, I do not just have one single skillset.

This is the time where the saying “Jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one” comes into play.

I was no stranger to web design and writing contents, but I always thought of them more like a hobby than a passion.


Turns out I have a bigger passion for it than I thought was just a hobby.

That’s how I started my digital agency, creating sales funnels and marketing frameworks day and night for several clients at that time.

And then I realize something.

Amidst all the designs and marketing strategies, there lies a core so important that it makes or breaks any effort you put into it.

You see…

Having a good design doesn’t guarantee success.

Having a good marketing funnel doesn’t guarantee success as well.

The most important, all thing online, is how you are able to touch the heart and soul of the clients.

The emotional level.

And 90% of the time, it involves writings.

Or Copywriting, to be exact.

Just like any other traditional business in the world, you can have the best product in the world, but you will not be the best product until you have the best marketing team in the world.

And copywriting is the basis of ALL marketing, online and offline. Period.

I set out on a quest.

To help fellow pirates like me discover the wonders of copywriting.

To help pirates like you plunder more booty (to help you make more money!)

I don’t need the Black Pearl (watched Pirates of the Carribean?)

I don’t need a huge-ass cannon.

All I need, is a pen (and laptop).

And this is how the Pirate with Pen is born.