Know Yourself: What Are You Selling?

Before you start writing your ads or sales copy, whether it is for your own product or your client’s product, there’s no escaping the research part of it. Yes, a big part of copywriting success lies in the research. In this article, we tackle the inevitable question of knowing what you are selling – is it the features or is it the benefits? While product…

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Why Your Business Needs a Landing Page

So you are a business owner. And you are proud of having a website. Which is good! A lot of business owners out there still doesn’t believe in the need to have a website. Give yourself a clap on that. But. Ask yourself this again. What is the purpose of your website when you first set it up? Sales? Exposure? Free traffic? Fast forward to…

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5 Minutes to Rock Your LinkedIn Headline

Your LinkedIn headline doesn’t just show up when someone searches for your name. It shows up literally everywhere you go, on LinkedIn, that is. On top of your LinkedIn profile. On your sidebar. Every post you’ve ever written or shared. You can even find them on the comments you wrote! Can you feel the power of it? Now, if you want to get attention, like…

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Know Your Enemy: Audience Awareness

The pirates do not attack without first knowing who they are attacking. They pick somebody of their own size (hint: not Navy ship).

And that is the first thing every copywriter needs to do. Know your enemy (audience).

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Stuck at the start? Use this formula!

If there’s ONE formula every copywriter in the world knows, it’s probably AIDA. It was developed in the late nineteenth century by American advertising and sales pioneer, Elmo Lewis. It describes the four main stages that occur when you convert a cold lead to a buyer. The idea behind AIDA is that all advertisement needs to capture the Attention of its audience, create Interest towards…

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What is Copywriting

Copywriting plays a role so big in all the marketing materials that in fact, nothing would ever get sold if there were no copywriters.

But do you know what exactly is Copywriting?

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